30ML Opaque White Glass Child Resistant / Tamper Evident Tincture Bottle



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Our white glass tincture bottles are heavy duty and feature a custom designed glass dropper that, depending on content viscosity, dispenses almost exactly 1/20 of an ML/Gram with each drop, providing very accurate dosing.  Droppers are also printed with markings that show the amount in the dropper.  All units feature a child-resistant cap that has a built-in tamper evident ring to maintain product integrity until opened by the end user.  The tamper evident feature engages automatically when the lid is applied the first time the unit is filled…no need to use shrink bands and labor to apply them.


Additional Information

Dimensions Height: 102mm
Diameter: 33mm
Box Size Box of 64, Full Case of 192
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

64, 192


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